I am going to a fund raiser tonight and the invitation said to wear smart elegant attire. I know what that means to me. It means the LBD – little black dress. Visions of Audrey Hepburn come to mind when she wore the quintessential little black dress designed by Givenchy in Breakfast at Tiffanys”. She was the definition of elegance. Smart elegance.

Does anyone pay any attention to dress codes anymore? I think not in most situations. It does get confusing sometimes. How many people know the differences among formal, semi-formal, black tie, smart elegant, casual elegant, casual, and wearing your pj’s to the grocery store? Going to the theater in New York used to mean having an opportunity to get dolled up but Broadway is filled with jeans clad audiences who just can’t give up the comfort of their “uniforms” for a couple hours. Maybe it’s a good thing since uncomfortable clothing makes people fidget and fidgeting is noisy and distracting. On the other hand, audiences should be discouraged from falling asleep so if a little discomfort helps, so be it!

I love having a reason to dress up. I must admit that when invited somewhere, one of my first thoughts is, “Oooooooo, what shall I wear?” Tonight I am going to surrender my inspiration to Audrey Hepburn and go for the little black dress.