This is the website for trending topics. No subject is off limits but I will often default to topics related to fashion and fitness. This will be our guilty pleasure for indulging in those conversations that might not dazzle the more serious readers but that’s okay. It’s “tongue-in-cheek” at times, for my own amusement if not for others!

I am a “girlie girl” (or rather a middle-aged woman) who grew up in a predominately female household who has paid homage to the male gender by raising two boys, two male dogs and a male cat. No longer can I watch the eyes of those who are more interested in their electronic devices to glaze over as I practically recite poetry about a pair of shoes that has inspired me to rearrange my closet to accommodate them. Nor can I watch those eyes roll when I extol the pleasures of working out every morning and how much I enjoy being able to earn my chunk of dark chocolate in the afternoon. Although the men in my life don’t rate fashion, fitness, or anti-oxidants high on the list of their life priorities, they certainly have expressed that they have benefited from my disciplines. And my dogs and cat who follow me from room to room have convinced me of my animal magnetism. Rarely short of opinions or at a loss for words about what’s happening out there, my muses have affectionately been called “Lessons from Leslie”.

My credibility is simple. I am a woman…but also a certified personal trainer, who studied fashion design at F.I.T., who loves to shop, decorate, peruse fashion websites, hairstyle magazines, fitness articles, do makeovers, paint, draw, exercise and talk about what’s trending. I am a visual person whose favorite pastime is people watching so boredom seldom overcomes me.


I invite you to join me in a verbal and visual expression of my passions and I will try to inspire you with my insights.