This is one of those rare opportunities where fitness, fashion and health collide and can be blogged about at the same time. I’m talking about feeling good whether its from the inside out or the outside in. Barring any serious physical or psychological ailments which require medical intervention, we all have the ability to choose to feel good. It starts with the very basics like just thinking positively. It doesn’t take any more energy to see the glass half full as it does to see it half empty. Sometimes it is necessary to change our internal dialog to something positive even if we don’t believe it at first. Have you ever tried smiling just to see if it helps to shift your mood in a happier direction? Well it works and since good attracts good, it has a domino effect.

Here are some very basic things that you can do to feel good without requiring external feedback:

* Meditate using positive affirmations.

* Break your workout routine….try something different or if you don’t work out, try doing it for a change. Change is good!

* Steal some time to do something indulgent like a crossword, reading a book, blowing the dust off your piano or guitar, or singing and dancing around the house. Don’t worry….you are alone. And don’t judge yourself. Pretend you are fabulous.

* Turn off the TV and put on some music.

* Accomplish something that is not expected of you like getting organized.

* Try to make new outfits by putting together different combinations of the contents of your closet. Be creative. Try them on.

* Spritz a little of your favorite cologne (or aftershave!!) just for the heck of it.

* Prepare a healthy snack and savor every bite. Finish it off with a chunk of dark chocolate for a little serotonin boost.

Doing just a few of these things can shift a bad day into a good day. Knowing how to bring yourself out of a bad mood is a healthy exercise in itself. Sometimes it’s easier to pour a glass of wine, or run and phone a friend but knowing how to pull yourself out of a slump is a skill that can go a long way.

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