I love it when something from my “vices” list gets moved to my “healthy habits” list. For instance, all of those lost memories of conversations due to consuming red wine were worth it when I found out that the effects of the anti-oxidants on my free radicals was greater than the loss of brain cells. And dark chocolate!!! Rich in flavonoids was all I had to hear to move it from one list to the other. I never had coffee in my vices list because I don’t drink it excessively but I do enjoy a couple of cups of Joe every morning.

Here is what about 250 mg. of caffeine which is considered moderate intake can do for you an hour or two before your workout: Coffee stimulates your brain and improves concentration. You will always have a better workout if you are “in it” so to speak. Mindful workouts are purposeful and having purpose will help maintain your intensity levels. That means getting to your goals faster. It enhances endurance because it slows the breakdown of muscle glycogen and speeds up the blood’s transportation of glucose to muscles. This delays fatigue.

Remember this though before you move your coffee from one list to the other. Moderation is key and I’m not talking about Starbucks’ Mocha Lattes. Try drinking your coffee black. If you need a little inspiration, click on the link below and have a cup on me.

And make sure you still drink plenty of water before, during and after your workout!

Black coffee (click here)