I took a couple of months off because simply put, life got in the way. I had originally planned to post every day for a year. Well, I was on a roll for about 10 months so I forgive myself for falling short of my goal. I will now readjust my expectations to a more realistic level and will be happy if I post a couple of times per week.

What better time to reappear than right after the Golden Globes. I was impressed overall by the gowns. So many varieties, colors and styles but not too many made me ask the question, “What was she thinking??” I have decided to feature the Atelier Versace worn by Angelina Jolie. It was old Hollywood glamour with a modern twist. I thought her lipstick and bag were perfectly matched and I was so pleased that she didn’t wear a red shoe! I was flipping through the channels this morning and happened to catch Joan Rivers on GMA and she was commenting on Jolie’s look. I hate to repeat what she said, referring to a partially used tampon, but they quickly cut the interview as Lara Spencer was practically speechless. I then asked myself, “What was she thinking??” Its hard to believe that Joan’s own lack of taste would make her an expert on anything “ladylike”.

Here are some other dresses that I loved: