Don’t be fooled by the dollar signs. Sadly, I am not referring to money won but how much money one must have to shop at the Crystal Palace at Aria in Las Vegas where we are staying. A stroll through the beautiful shops quickly reminds you of how the other half live and how different our realities are. This shopping mecca is for those with very deep pockets and limitless credit cards. As we meandered throug Gucci, Pucci, Prada, Dior, Harry Winston, VanCleef and Arpels, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, etc. etc., we were informed by over-staffed associates of what was on sale (still not affordable) and noticed that there were very few people carrying bags. The economy in Las Vegas is at an all time low, but these stores are still at all of the major hotels. I can’t imagine what they have to sell every day to meet their overhead, let alone make a profit. Still, it is fun to handle some of the very items that I have featured in my fashion blogs and to appreciate the wonderful fabrics and features that have earned them their ability to don a hefty price tag…if you’re lucky enough to find one. But then again, she who can afford need not ask!