I have always found Jennifer Lopez to be a fascinating icon but never has she been more beautiful than now. Undoubtedly, her high exposure as an American Idol judge has helped her to earn the People’s title of the World’s Most Beautiful Woman. It certainly has given me a new perspective of her attributes. But there is more to it than flipping her golden brown hair, batting her long mink eyelashes, and flashing that pearly white smile. She has one of those rare qualities where her outward beauty is superceded by her inner beauty. Although her criticisms of the Idol contestant’s performances are mostly positive, even her negative comments are delivered with such sensitivity and grace that she brings tears to the eyes of the viewers. I was pleasantly surprised that she seems to know her “stuff” too. Lest we forget that she has earned the description of actress, singer, dancer, record producer and TV personality in addition to being the mother of twins.

Since this is a fashion and fitness blog, I can’t help but address JLo’s fashion sense. I would love to have her wardrobe and shoe closet.…..but I really covet her long legs. And let’s face it. I wish she had been around as a role model when I was an adolescent. Perhaps I would have a whole different view of the size of my butt. But hindsight is 20/20. (Sorry). She is able to dramatically change her look with a variety of hairstyles and make-up palettes, but I have always preferred her smokey eyes, soft lipstick and glowing skin. They are the perfect match for her golden brown locks. Her style is always up front and she was actually involved in the design process for her shoe and clothing line that hit the runways a few years ago.

So, congratulations, Jennifer and thank you American Idol for exposing her true beauty. (Love the boots!)