What is it about men….and boots?? I have been amused by the amount of male attention that comes my way when I am wearing a pair of boots. Okay so I don’t wear Uggs because they are not my style but give me a break, I don’t wear over- the-knee, thigh-high, 4-inch platform boots either. I have a normal collection of boots ranging from booties, to mid-calf, to knee-highs and with heels that vary from wedges, to chunky, to stilettos; the usual range for any respectable shoe horse. Some are fur trimmed, some lace up, and some zip. I default to boots from autumn on because I don’t have to worry about the right height heel for the length of my pants and no one cares if I have had a recent pedicure, or if my socks even match.

It is very humorous though, when a man looks at me then looks at my feet unless I am in the shoe department of a store. I am only five feet tall so it is not like I am “leggy” or anything. I have had them call out “nice boots” when I simply stepped out of my car to pump gas. I even had a man follow me down a couple of aisles at the grocery store before he was able to swallow his saliva so he could comment on my “great boots”. It happened last week at the bank and the whole line of tellers came out one by one to view my boots. They agreed that they were “nice” but then asked where I got them. They were women of course. We all got a good laugh over of the man who left as though he had just had a salacious view of a dirty magazine. Then we all traded similar stories. I am convinced that when a woman wears these :

A man sees these: