Imagine taking a yoga class where you are suspended from silk cocoons! This is a new form of anti-gravity yoga and is rising in popularity. I first saw this mentioned on Good Morning America which is often my source for new frontiers to investigate. Participants are actually cocooned inside the silks and are able to do various aerial positions, including assists by the instructor who can push on the back from underneath to cause the sensation of performing a backward swan dive or floating back bend. A class in cocooning includes inversions, handstands, flying pigeon and other modified poses and asanas.

I must admit. I have seen Cirque du Soleil performances and am always inspired during my first workout after seeing them. I find myself doing the splits and trying to hold weird positions. So many times I have come away wishing I could perform some of those routines that they do from suspended scarves. Cocooning looks like it might be the next best thing!


Update: If you live in a major city, please post in comments if you are able to find these classes. There are lots of inquiries!